Sunday, July 31, 2011


This weekend Alan and I went to Abingdon, Virginia for an anniversary weekend was the perfect place to go! Alan and I are sometimes not that great in planning vacations and what I mean by that is we plan all these super fun things to do and see and then we come home needing a vacation from our vacation. Are we the only ones who do that?! Anyways, Abingdon was a great balance of doing and doing nothing!
We stayed at the Summerfield Inn which a cute little bed and breakfast in the historic downtown Abingdon
The B&B was built in the 1920's and was a gorgeous old home
Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, ate a delicious breakfast, and took a shuttle to Whitetop Mountain where we began our ride on the Virginia Creeper back to Abingdon.
The Virgina Creeper is a 34 mile bike trail. The first half from Whitetop to Damascus is pretty easy as most of it is downhill. The second half is more difficult as it has a slightly uphill grade so you're pedaling continuously.
Here we are on the was suppose to rain but the weather couldn't have been better
In Damascus we stopped for lunch and ice-cream at this cute little place called "Off the Beaten Path"
the trail went through woods, fields, and over several rivers too
At the end of the trail in Abingdon there is an old steam engine symbolizing the railroad that the trail is now built upon.
That night, we ate dinner at The Tavern which is rated the #1 restaurant in Abingdon according to Trip Advisor, it was a great find!
After dinner we got a chance to walk around downtown for a bit before heading to our play.
Later that night we went to see the play Beauty and the Beast at the Barter Theatre. it was wonderful!
As I sit writing this I will admit that I'm still sore after that bike ride but all-in-all it was a great weekend away with the hubs. I love you Alan Moore!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 Years

Happy Anniversary to us! 4 years ago today Alan and I shared the most special day with each other, our family, and friends. We have done so much between now and then but in some ways it also feels like no time has gone by at all.
traditional dinner at The Melting Pot
We got the Latin American Fusion Feast, here is our dinner right before cooking.
The dessert is always my favorite part! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dress Blues

Colin wore his dress blues uniform to church today and he looked so sharp! So many people came up to him and were all saying how proud they were of him and how excited they were too. I'm not surprised by this but I'm so happy by the number of people who have just surrounded Colin with love and support. If you want to write Colin a letter of support or encouragement, please let me know and I'll give you his address!
Gotta love a man in uniform!
Alan, Colin, and proud of my little brother


Last night, my dad treated our whole family to dinner at one of his and my mom's favorite places: Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. It was DELISH! It was so much fun getting together with everyone before Colin travels back to Parris Island and then goes on to San Diego.
It's quite difficult getting all of us in one place together so this was a really special and fun night!
Alan & me
Maggie & Ben
Rachel & Colin
Colin & Christa
Dad & Annie
me & Mom
Patrick & Elizabeth
Great food...Fine wine...Good times!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ally's Baby Shower

This afternoon we celebrated my good friend, Allyson Means and her precious baby boy on the way, with a shower in Franklin. This was my first time hosting a Baby Shower and I had a blast planning all the details with Janie and Katie. We had a great turnout and it was super fun seeing some dear friends that I don't get to see enough of :)
Janie, me, and Katie
Allyson, beautiful as ever!
cute little cupcakes
Cheers to mini-Means!
mini-Means is so loved already
I think we have a little Vol fan on the way!
Ashton, Grayson, Teresa, and Monica (Ally's sisters, mom, and mother-in-law)
We cannot wait til October 15th!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Colin's Graduation from Marine Recruit Training

On Wednesday July 13th my whole family went down to Parris Island, South Carolina for my brother Colin's graduation from Marine Recruit Training. It has seemed like a very long 13 weeks but the end has finally come and we are so very proud of him!
The first time we actually saw Colin was during the motivational run on family day which was Thursday July 14th, the day before graduation. He was easy to spot with the cast on his arm! That was the result of a broken pinkie finger that happened during the Crucible but he is going to be okay!
This is Colin's platoon 1049 which was part of Delta company. Colin was one of the squad leaders of his platoon! Colin is in the front row on the far left :)
Colin with 2 of his Drill Instructors
So excited to see family!
Colin had liberty (free time) from 10-3 that day so we soaked up every minute with him
The whole crew on the morning of July 15th... graduation day!
Colin's platoon on graduation day (Colin is in the back row this time on the far left)
Can you see Colin?! ...and his cast?!
We were so lucky that Colin was in front and on the end and so easy to see!
Colin graduated Private 1st Class! So proud of my little brother!
As soon as the ceremony was over everyone rushed to congratulate their Marine!
hugging Mom
Colin with Mom & Dad
hugging Annie
Colin with us!
Colin with Patrick & Elizabeth
Colin with Maggie & Ben
Colin & Christa
Colin & Rachel
so happy this day has come!
Semper Fidelis...Always Faithful
Colin standing on the infamous yellow footprints
the whole family with our Marine!!
special day
After graduation, we went to Charleston to spend the rest of the weekend there. I had to take a picture of my future house...a girl can dream right?!
LOVE all of the flower window boxes!
lunch at the Crab House
Dad and the boys at Sullivan's Island
my darling sister Christa
love of my life...
life is good!
Such a memorable trip!