Sunday, March 30, 2014

Alan running the Knoxville Marathon Relay

In preparation for the Nashville Full Marathon Alan's been training for he decided to run the Knoxville Marathon relay with a group from the UT Young Alumni Council.
It could not have been a better day for the run!
 Alan with John
 After Alan's leg of the relay, he felt so good he decided to keep going! 
 The whole team finished together on the 50-yard line!
Proud wife shout-out to my hubby who set a personal record today for his half-marathon time! So proud of him and his determination!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Erica's 30th Birthday & 23 Weeks

We celebrated my birthday a bit early this year since Colin was in town and able to join in the fun. Alan planned a big dinner at one of our faves: Echo!
 Then we went to my parents' house for cake, ice cream, and presents :)
 It was so special having all the kids together!
Toward the end of the evening, Alan gave me one last gift. Sweet monogramed onsies with our baby boy's name! It is now official! We will name him Mitchell Alan Moore, III and call him Trey. I have loved calling him and praying for him by name over the past several days.
 belly shot at 23 weeks

How far along?  23 weeks
Trimester?  2nd
Size of little one?  grapefruit
Maternity clothes?  some, still able to wear my own pants and some tops
Weight gain?  12lbs
Gender?  It's a boy!
Name?  Mitchell Alan Moore, III  "Trey"
Sleep?  not great, getting used to waking up 2-3 times each night
Cravings?  Mexican
What I Miss?  I did miss getting a glass of wine at dinner tonight
Symptoms?  feeling tired 
Best Moment?  sharing the name with our family tonight! ...another best moment was feeling little baby kicks for the first time the night of the Oscars (3.2.2014)!